I am here to help you know your true value so you can discover your true potential and accomplish the dreams so big inside you.


Do you have dreams inside of you, but thought to yourself:


1. I am not good enough

2. I am not smart enough

3. I made too many mistakes

4. Who would listen to me?

5. I am "damaged goods"

6. I have wasted too much time


Ericka grew up feeling these exact thoughts for many years. From being bullied constantly in school for how she looked, not fitting in, rejection, wrong relationships, low-self esteem and bankrupt at the age of 26, she had to make a decision that would change her life forever.  She went through the journey of healing, forgiveness and reestablishing her value and standards.


Ericka was most recently nominated by the Chicago Southland Chamber of Commerce in 2013 for Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for her own business "the story of e". She has been on countless missions trips and serves her community through her local church. She also created a blog called "U Goal Girl" in which she talks about her own goals and encourages others to accomplish theirs.


Ericka is passionate and loves helping people know their true value. She believes once a person knows their value then they can accomplish their dreams. Ericka's goal is to partner with high schools, colleges, and organizations to help people become who they already are inside.