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Ericka Glorious Moore
Overcomer Specialist, Speaker, Best-Selling Author

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Join Ericka Glorious Moore on a fun and whimsical journey of how to break free from your past, low self-esteem and poor decisions by allowing you to mend, grow and know your value. You will gain freedom and truths about yourself and understand God’s ultimate plan for your life. So, take the road trip to freedom and at the end you will never be the same! Memoirs of Singlehood includes:

  • Freedom in being you

  • How to embrace singlehood

  • Transparency

  • Regaining focus after life’s challenges

  • Defining a season of preparation


It's Not Just for Women

This really is a great book for men and women. She is very raw and personnel in this book. When you read it it feels like she is narrating her personnel journal. She gives great advice on learning to live single but at the same time preparing for marriage (if want to to marry).

If you are single whether you a man or a women, this book is for you.

 - MGL

What a Great Read

What a great read. I would label this book as a GPS of how to overcome. It is very detailed description of how things in life can definitely have you down but it is definitely not where you have to stay. I enjoyed the journey that Ericka took me on and the steps she took to not let it be the final destination for her. My favorite was the prayers throughout the book in some cases people just may not know what or how to pray ,I feel this can be a guide to look back on to just lift up spirits when needed. I read this book and also had my daughter who is 13 to read it. She said It encouraged her to not let people's opinion of her discourage her from believing she is beautiful and can over come anything with God.

 - Ms Adrianne

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