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Ericka Glorious Moore
Overcomer Specialist, Speaker, Best-Selling Author

Do you have BIG dreams inside of you, but
thought to yourself?


"I am not good enough, I am not smart enough, I made too many mistakes

 I am damaged goods, I have wasted too much time, I'm too old" and the list goes on and on...

Ericka grew up feeling these exact thoughts for many years. From being bullied constantly in school for how she looked, not fitting in, rejection, wrong relationships, low-self esteem and bankrupt at the age of 26, she had to make a decision that would change her life forever. 


She went through the journey of healing, forgiveness and re-establishing her value and standards. Now the question is...are you ready?

Choose below from a variety of topics 
All presentations/workshops are fully customizable to fit your organizations needs 


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Dream Big - Let Go. Grow. Succeed.

Do you have BIG dreams that illuminate on the inside of you, but where you are is lackluster in reality? Do you have hurts and hang ups that hold you back from looking forward? This presentation will give you simple steps to heal from the past, reach your goals and to ultimately brighten your destiny in a fun and interactive way!


Gorgeous on Tuesdays

Walk away with understanding your true value, what talents and abilities that are deep within, how to create a new way of looking at yourself and see yourself gorgeous no matter what day of the week.


Tragedy: Prevail from Loss to Gain

Ericka shares how she overcame bullying, the temptation of suicide, and the loss of two family members and then shares the step by step strategy that took her from victim to victor. You will learn to how to change perspectives: what you see is what you get, learn how to have hope, joy and peace in the midst of pain on the journey to freedom, find out how to use your pain for someone else’s victory and resources that are available for your recovery. 


Rise A.B.O.V.E. - Anti-Bullying and Suicide Prevention Program

Did you know? In the US suicide is the third leading cause of death among teenagers and adolescents. Did you know? That we have the power to change these statistics by providing school-based bullying and suicide prevention programs. The goal of the RISE A.B.O.V.E. program, which stands for (Accepted, Brave, Overcomer, Valuable, Empowered) is to: 1. reduce risk factors 2. increase protective influences 3. overcome obstacles 4. build confidence, and 5. motivate our youth to take proactive steps so that ULTIMATELY the BULLYING STOPS and LIVES ARE SAVED!

Man in White Shirt


Thanks for your presentation at our support group leader training meeting. It was outstanding and you made it very relevant to people with epilepsy. Your enthusiasm and compassion were apparent. Thanks for singing too!


—  Kurt, Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago

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